April 24

Kenny Chesney Talks About Spirituality in His Song “The Big Revival”

Four-time CMA Entertainer of the year, Kenny Chesney, opens up about his personal belief and what he thinks about the struggles we face in life.

If there is one thing distinct about country music, it would be its close ties with religion and faith. Let us take a further look into the singer’s thoughts on this.

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Kenny Chesney | Photo credit: groupon.com

Kenny Chesney’s Thoughts on Religion

In an interview with the Radio.com, the singer talked about the inspiration behind his song “The Big Revival” which was also the album’s title. He said:

“The philosophy behind putting ‘The Big Revival’ first was to set a tone. There’s things about religion that I don’t necessarily agree with or understand, but I’m a big believer in spirituality — I’ve seen songs change people, and that’s spiritual.”

He does make a good point. Religion is a complex matter, and if you don’t question something, you’d be following it blindly. But the singer knows that even with all the mysteries surrounding religion, it is for a fact that it changed the lives of people for the better.

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He also had this to say regarding his album:

“But ‘The Big Revival’ is really about picking yourself up off the bottom, reclaiming your soul, restarting. That was everything I wanted to say to my audience – and you have to think about that, you have to think ‘Okay, we took a year off, now what am I going to say to these people, who have been there for me for a long time?’ And the idea of ‘The Big Revival’ was it.”

Lyrics Breakdown

If your faith ain’t strong enough child
You might wind up dead
Praise the Lord and pass me a copperhead

He advised his audience to strengthen their faith. The world out there is cruel and unforgiving. We face a lot of corrupted people each day, and we have to be consistent with our beliefs.

It is very clear in the song that we will face a lot of adversity dealing with everyday life. There will be someone manipulating us or destroying us. But if we have a strong faith we have learned from our past mistakes, surely, we can overcome whatever problems we encounter. Just trust in the Lord’s name.

Listen to the song here:


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