September 19

Kenny Chesney to the Rescue: Country Singer Helps Stranded Teen Bros

Country music star helps rescue teen brothers – CNN Video

An incredible tale of survival for two boys has a happy ending courtesy of country music star Kenny Chesney. CNN’s Sara Sidner reports.


St. John, Virgin Islands—Kenny Chesney lends a helping hand to two stranded teenage brothers by donating the use of his private jet. The teenagers, named Jahbioseh Bruce and Jah-Haile Bruce lost their home in St. John after the terrifying Category 5 Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on their hometown.

The boys were huddled together with their grandfather in a bathroom when Hurricane Irma made landfall on St. John. Jah-Haile shared that they were down and pressed against the concrete wall of their shower when all of a sudden, the roof of their house got ripped off and left them exposed to the strong winds and heavy rainfall. Jahbioseh expressed how terrified he was during the storm. ‘I felt like Irma was a spirt, because like, I felt like I saw the hand grab the roof, squeeze it, and throw it off into the wind. It was just…it was crazy.’

When the hurricane finally subsided, the brothers, along with their grandfather, were left with nothing but the remains of their dismantled home. ‘There’s basically nothing to go back to in St. John’s’ said Jahbioseh with much regret.

Prior to being rescued and evacuated via a boat ride, Jahbioseh and Jah-Haile endured days of unbelievable endurance in order to survive their devastating ordeal. They were transported by a private boat to Croy, where the Bruce brothers met Sue, the mother of the boat’s owner. Instead of leaving them to be brought to the shelter, Sue took in the homeless lads while they awaited help that would enable them to be flown to where their mother lives.

The two had earlier planned to transfer to Philadelphia, where their mother is currently residing. Unfortunately, thanks to the huge trail of wreckage left by Irma, there were no available commercial flights that the brothers could use to travel.

But when Kenny Chesney donated his private jet for the Bruce brothers to fly to safety in Philadelphia, the teens were overjoyed and extremely grateful. Chesney chose to remain anonymous, although the media soon caught on and revealed his identity. Like the teenage brothers, Chesney also lost his home in St. John.

‘I don’t really know what to say but ‘thank you’. You know, there’s just really nothing to say. I heard that the guy wanted to stay anonymous, um, thank you very much!’ Jah-Haile exclaimed.

‘I kept saying, one day, this is gonna be one hell of a story to tell.’said Jahbioseh before the two finally boarded the private jet and made their way to their mom.


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