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While humans are, by nature, weak and easily stumble along the way, there are other things that help them get through it. One is that beautiful creation called music. The power that comes from music is truly indubitable. It has the capacity to either make or break something, such as a relationship, or someone.

Today’s story features a song that, beyond topping the chart, has powerfully tapped the innermost aspects of many listeners. It’s a Kenny Chesney record titled “There Goes My Life.” Released in October 2003, the song was the third single from Chesney’s album When the Sun Goes Down. Songwriters and longtime friends Neil Thrasher and Wendell Mobley wrote the lyrics. The song had a rocket speed chart-topping history. It reached No. 1 on the chart in just a few weeks after its release and stayed there for seven consecutive weeks. More than this commercial success, the song left a far-reaching impact.

The Sentimental Story Behind the Song

Best friends Neil and Wendell were writing together one time. Out of nowhere, Neil suggested the idea of writing a song about a teenage boy who got his girlfriend pregnant. But, the young couple just hung in there. At that time, Neil never thought that he brought something up that pinched his friend’s heart. It’s a huge secret that he tried to keep and continued to pain him for years. With teary eyes and soft voice, Wendell shared something that he never told his friend for years. He had a daughter, Lexi, whom he fathered way back in high school. Sadly, when Lexi was about to turn one, she passed away. Each time her birthday comes, Wendell turns groovy and wonders what she’d be like now. At this point, Neil couldn’t hold his emotions any longer. Emotions poured out as the two began working to turn that revelation into a song. Neil shared,

“We cried and wrote and sang. “There wasn’t any stopping. It was almost like therapy, writing it with someone so close to me.”

Upon completing the song, Wendell remembers their further discussion about it. They both tackled how such was a perfect union between personal and universal. Time and again, Neil and Wendell get to hear stories of separated fathers and daughters whom the song brought together.

“It’s these kinds of stories when you know it’s happening all over, that really is so rewarding to hear.”

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