August 16

Kenny Chesney Collabs with Film Students in His New Album

All Kenny Chesney fans will rejoice as their favorite country singer recently released a brand new song. Aside from the usual excitement of releasing a new song or album, what makes Chesney’s All The Pretty Girls truly special is the way the lyrics and the melody perfectly blend together to accentuate the fun-loving atmosphere of summer.

Recorded in 2016 and released in June 2017, All the Pretty Girls was co-written by Nicolle Galyon, Josh Osborne, and Tommy Lee James. The song was the fourth single in Cosmic Hallelujah, Chesney’s 17th studio album.

The music video was directed by Pamela Springsteen. In the song’s music video, Kenny is seen having a good time with lots of beautiful ladies while acting rebellious and free. The theme of the video was shot in a school setting, and it depicted that classes were still out for the hot season.

As the song’s story unfolds, the video shows a few ladies and guys running excitedly to the edge of a small town. Staying attuned to the song’s lyrics and back story, they were all on their way to embark on a journey that depicts the best day of their lives that they could ever dream of. They took their time exploring and enjoying the untamed and unabashed joys of partying from house to house, dancing around bonfires, and savoring the excitement of short-lived romances. Soon, the flirty glances and touches escalated to couples sealing their enigmatic encounters with a kiss.

Prior to shooting the video, Chesney entrusted the entire filming process to Belmont University and Middle Tennessee State University students. All the students were called to enter their work for the country singer’s latest single in exchange for an opportunity to be featured on various filming programs. Among the entries submitted, the chosen short film was co-directed by Jessica Martinez, a motion pictures major, and Will Renner, a music business student. The film students shared that they injected their own nostalgic spin on falling in love during the warm atmosphere of summer time. Martinez further describes, “Our vision was to capture the essence of a summer fling—just the feeling of freedom and having fun, not taking things too seriously.” Her co-director, Will, happens to be from Virginia, and that was how they were able to get a lot of people he knew from high school to participate in the shoot.

Chesney served as the final jury and chose the contestant/s with the winning piece. He ultimately chose Martinez and Renner’s work. As a reward, the duo won the highly coveted prize of having their work featured exclusively on CMT, along with a $5000 check that will go straight to funding their tuition. The tuition will be funded through a special scholarship that Chesney and his team created. The singer recounts in a press release that he was happy to have witnessed first-hand the creative geniuses of all the college students who participated. “They understood how to build a storyline and narrative, and they bring a fresh eye to these moments. [Their clip]’s really sweet, and just what this kind of song needed. I’m as thrilled to be part of Jessica’s college education as I am to have her—and Will’s—creativity be a part of this song.

Kenny Chesney hopes that through their prize and exposure with All the Pretty Girls, both the winners will be able to discover bigger and brighter breaks to help improve their craft and expose them to more projects post-college.

All the Pretty Girls is available on Spotify. You can also check out the chill music video below:



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