December 21

Kenny Chesney Brings “Jesus and Elvis” to Late Night With Seth Meyers

The East Tennessee country rockstar native, Kenny Chesney introduced his new song, Jesus and Elvis at Monday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Jesus and Elvis, written by Hayes Carll, Allison Moorer, and Matraca Berg, is part of Chesney’s newest and poetic album, Cosmic Hallelujah. His interview with Seth Meyers happens to be his first TV appearance since he began relief efforts through his Love for Love City foundation and his album Live In No Shoes Nation made its debut on the number one spot of the all-genre album chart.

With a guitar in hand and his signature cowboy hat, Chesney swooned the audience with his brand new mellow ballad. His smooth singing voice perfectly matched the song’s narrative, earning applause from the crowd.

During the interview, the singer admits that knowing his personality, the public would expect him to be at the beach right about now. But, for the sake of helping out the hurricane’s victims and providing a safe shelter for all the stranded animals, he endured the cold snow and postponed his usual sunshiny agenda.

When they discussed his album, he revealed that Cosmic Hallelujah was not the original album title because he changed it. Meyers even asked Chesney what the original title of the album was, and when Chesney said he couldn’t remember, Meyers told him that he made the right choice. He adds that the entire process of forming the album, from the recording to the song arrangement to the marketing plan went through a lot of revisions. But he was ultimately happy and very satisfied with how his newest album turned out.

Due to the fact that the entire process of creating his album also led to some ups and downs, the country singer shared what he describes as literally his “first ever rejection in the music business.” When he was in college, Chesney revealed that he wrote his first song for a girl he sat beside with on one of his classes. He wanted to convince her to go out with him. When he got home, he recorded the lyrics he composed in a cassette, then slid the tape next to his seatmate the following day. He did it in such a way that he was so casual about it and went through the entire day like he normally would. The next day, his seatmate no longer sat beside him and instead transferred to the far corner of the classroom.

Cosmic Hallelujah was recently nominated for the 2018 Grammy Awards for Best Country Album. On its debut release, it reached the second spot on the Billboard 200. It went on to snag the top rank on the Top Country Albums chart. Since November of 2017, the album has already sold over 230, 000 copies in the U.S. It is also the first-ever non-collaboration album of Kenny Chesney that got a Grammy nomination.

Aside from his album, Chesney also shared the progress of his relief efforts through Love for Love City foundation.

Check out more from his Late Night With Seth Meyers interview through the video below:


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