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Kenny Chesney in High Spirits After 2018 Grammy Nomination

The 2018 Grammy Awards nods at Kenny Chesney’s Cosmic Hallelujah for a Best Country Album nomination. Cosmic Hallelujah was co-produced with Buddy Cannon. It was also a huge leap from Chesney’s previous album, The Big Revival.

For Chesney, the Grammy Awards

represent the entire music community coming together. It’s the best of every kind of music there is, voted on by the creators, the players, the songwriters, producers and engineers. To have this nomination means a lot, because it is about the music—and given how Cosmic Hallelujah got here, I can’t think of a better honor.”

Prior to the launching of Cosmic Hallelujah, Kenny Chesney made some drastic changes which left critics to raise an eyebrow at his seemingly crazy and uncalled for decision. Nine days before the scheduled launched, he switched the album’s lead single to Noise. His final choice of song was one that was written, recorded, and mastered in just a span of three days. Noise perfectly represented the toxicity of information overload we get nowadays, in such a manner that speaks just how our easy access to social media and the internet leads us to a sense of urgency and all-things-instant in our quest for entertainment and the desire to be constantly aware of what’s happening all around us.

Chesney further shares,

“It’s easy to lose track of the music in the marketing and the promotion, but for Cosmic Hallelujah, I wanted music to drive the decisions. Right now, I feel that was the right thing to do.”

Meanwhile, critics responded well to Chesney’s last minute decision, and have since been throwing nothing but positive reviews for his latest album. According to the Los Angeles Times, three of the album’s songs, namely, Noise, Jesus and Elvis and Rich and Miserable, have all taken a deeper look into social issues and personal day-to-day accounts such as the distractions brought by Instagram, the comfortable corners of being at home, along with the stagnant representation of the so-called American Dream. Entertainment Weekly, on the other hand, describes Chesney’s newest work as something that is elevated from the escapist fare of the country music genre.

The singer feels that all the decisions he’s made for his latest album were filled with “a lot of heart, soul, and passion driven by music.

The 2018 Grammy Awards is set to be held at the Madison Square Garden on January 28, 2018.


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