September 26

Kendell Marvel’s MV for Lowdown & Lonesome is Your New Anthem

Take a moment to watch and listen to widely respected Nashville singer and songwriter Kendell Marvel’s slammin’ new rock country music video.

Brandishing his electric and badass experience as he performed at the Honky Tonk Experience’s center stage, his Lowdown & Lonesome music video will surely be an unforgettable musical experience for his fans. Penned by Marvel, Randy Houser, and Keith Gattis, the backstory behind Lowdown & Lonesome depicts the image of a man who has fallen into the deep spiral of depression after a nasty breakup with his girl.

At the start of the video, you will find yourself bopping your head to the tenacious and angsty guitar riffs of the song. Next, your heart will instantly be pinched with angst as Marvel’s low, growling, yet melodic and solid voice begins to introduce the song’s story in an unbridled, bluesy fashion. As the song progresses, guitars and instruments synchronize with Marvel to produce a chorus that synchronizes perfectly with your own unique story of heartbreak.

Marvel shares that the video was not a week-long project. Instead, they shot it for several months at the Honky Tonk Experience. They reserved one Tuesday each month to perform and shoot at the historic Exit/In in Nashville. The venue was perfect because it has a rich background for both rock and country music. In the music video, the crowd can be seen swaying and pumping their fists along to the tune.

This record is pure country music and gritty rock & roll wrapped up in one. I have wanted to make a record like this my whole life and finally had the opportunity to make it.” Marvel says when asked to describe his latest music.

Lowdown & Lonesome is set to be released on the 13th of October this year. It also includes Marvel’s previous single, Gypsy Woman.


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