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Like Kelly Ray, Did You Also Wish There is a “Telephone in Heaven”?

Death is an unavoidable part of life. You cannot escape it. To be born, they say, is an everyday struggle not to die. It might seem ugly, but it does not have to be. Life can still be full of happiness. Losing a loved one is undeniably hard. Some may mean a lot to us and may have helped us shape our own lives. Some days, we feel the need to talk to them. Right then, we start wondering what they would say to us if they were here. Kelly Ray Burkham expressed these desires in a song. He inscribed the idea to want to call heaven and speak with the departed. After all, can a “Telephone in Heaven” help?

Like Kelly Ray, Did You Also Wish There is a “Telephone in Heaven”? 1

If There Is a “Telephone in Heaven”…

The idea of Kelly Ray’s beautifully honest song “Telephone In Heaven” is basically what the title denotes. Kelly simply wishes that there was a way to directly communicate with the loved ones we have loved and lost over the years. He wishes that there was a telephone in heaven. Kelly specifically calls out to his dearly departed father and grandmother. He wonders if the phone calls are charged by the minute or by the mile. Still, he desperately wants to talk to them just to tell them he misses them. The words of the song are really touching and heartrending. The lines most definitely speak to anybody’s soul. Although all lines sound pretty old, they have unfathomable sense. But, realizing he can not phone anybody in heaven, he will just have to hold everything until they see each other again,

“And I wonder if they’d charge me by the minute,
I wonder if they’d charge me by the mile,
I’d call up that ole Angel operator,
Could I please talk to my Daddy for awhile?”

Probably Your Most Favorite Part

Above all, of all the phone calls he wants to make to heaven, Ray’s plan is to finally call and talk to God. This stanza that surely brought chills up and down my spine. What if He answers? What a beautiful moment that would be! Can you imagine having a direct connection to Him?

“Well, I wish there was a telephone in Heaven. 
Oh, how I’d love to talk to the Lord of mine. 
I’d tell him that I love him and I’m thankful 
For watching over all these loves of mine.”

Kelly Ray will really have you sending up prayers with this touching song, “Telephone In Heaven”.

Everyone who has ever lost a loved one can absolutely relate to this amazing song. If you agree, please let us know in the comments who you would call if you could make a phone call to heaven. Also, visit and enjoy more country gospel songs and stories on our website.


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