October 11

Kelly Clarkson and her Alter Ego Goin’ Country on “Tie It Up”

Marriage is something that everyone is waiting for in spite of the stressful preparations. This would be the biggest day for the bride and groom, as they say, “Tying the Knot.” Thus, there’s a lot of things that we need to consider before marriage, and one of them is choosing the right person whom you will spend the rest of your life with.

“The Champion”

Kelly Brianne Clarkson is also addressed as “The Versatile Powerhouse” won the inaugural season of American Idol. Since her big break with Idol, Kelly became busy promoting her album and creating good music. Her career skyrocketed since her debut album “Thankful”  was released in 2003.

Her success in the Music Industry is incomparable, selling over 25 million albums and 45 million singles worldwide. Thus, with these achievements she also won 3 Grammy Awards, 3 MTV Video Music Awards and most of all she got the Powerhouse Award. Truly, her talent and vocal ability are spectacular; she can cover any type of genre, especially Country.

“Her Other Side”

Since Clarkson grew up in  Forth Worth, Texas, it’s high time for her to create good country music. We all know that she acknowledges every type of genre and she loves to widen her horizons in trying them. “Tie It Up” was released as a standalone single in June 2013 which was performed by Clarkson.

Furthermore, this song marked as her second country single. It is a country blues song that describes marriage proposals and wedding plans. The song is highly relatable for young teenage girls who are looking for Mr. Right and tying the know with him. In my opinion, she really can work that country attitude because she really is talented. In closing, we should not be contained on the usual things that we do, and it’s nice if we will try other things to challenge ourselves.

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