February 26

WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Covers Brandi Carlile and Shawn Mendes Songs

Kelly Clarkson proves to be a very talented artist in delivering a stunning cover of Brandi Carlile’s “The Joke” and Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood.”

Kelly Clarkson, Meaning of Life Tour, Shallow
via Kelly Clarkson’s Official Facebook Page

Clarkson: Cover Queen

It is already established that Clarkson can go through any vocal hoops and loops and smash it every single time. She had wowed us with her versions of songs from musicals like Hamilton, to covers of other artists like Lady Gaga.

Now, she wows fans with Carlile’s “The Joke” and Mendes’ hit song “In My Blood.”

“I hope I do it justice, Brandi.”

Clarkson says before she starts a hauntingly poignant cover of Carlile’s award-winning song “The Joke.” The singer performed the song during her stop in Detroit on the 21st of February as part of a segment dubbed ‘A Minute and a Glass of Wine’ that she practices every night on her tour.

Take a listen here!

Clarkson introduced fellow artist Mendes all the love when it was time for her to introduce his hit song.

“Every time (this song) comes on the radio in the car, I should be embarrassed of what’s happening — like I definitely should be, but I’m not. I’m just like wailing at the stop light.

With Clarkson’s signature rasp and power vocals, it definitely puts a brand new spin to the hit track. Goosebumps could be felt throughout the whole song and she definitely killed the version!

Listen to the song here below!

Kelly Clarkson’s Tour

She had given us so much more wonderful performances in her “Meaning of Life” tour.

Kelly Clarkson, Clarkson
via Kelly Clarkson’s Official Facebook Page

In support of her LP entitled “Meaning of Life,” Clarkson embarked on an arena tour. It opened on the 24th of January at Oakland, California’s Oracle Arena and it currently has 28 dates under its belt. It ends on the 30th of March at Greenville, South Carolina’s Bon Secours Wellness Arena.

In a statement, Clarkson gushed about her LP and her arena tour.

“Meaning of Life is the album I always wanted to make and I am so excited to finally be able to tour it. Even while recording it, I couldn’t wait for people to experience the music live, to not only hear it, but feel it. It has taken almost a year of planning, and I can’t wait to see y’all on the road!”

You can get more information on Clarkson’s website.


Brandi Carlile, Kelly Clarkson, Shawn Mendes

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