October 25

Kellie Pickler Tells How Perfectly Incomplete she Is in “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful”

Through time, the standards of being beautiful changed and sometimes we always base it on the outer appearance. Thus, we are all forgetting that the inner beauty is the most important thing that we should possess. Also, to be beautiful, we need to follow the norms required by society thus, forgetting our own identity. Kelly Pickler shared the true standard of beauty, and we are perfect in our own little ways.

“The Country Girl”

Kellie Dawn Pickler or commercially known as Kellie Pickler is an American Country Singer. Further, she gained the road to stardom when she joined the famous American T.V. Series “American Idol.” Also, even if she did not win the competition, she landed top 6 which is not bad for her to start a career. In, 2006 the road of success opened its opportunity to this North Carolina beauty. Pickler even signed with BNA Records the same year.

Kellie Pickler released her debut album “Small Town Girl” in the same year and had sold over 9000,000 copies. Moreover, her album rocked the Billboard Hot Country Song with three songs entering the top 20 charts. Hence, she continued to release songs that reached the charts. In 2016 Pickler was included in the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame.

“The Masterpiece”

“Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” was released in 2008 and was written by Chris Lindsey, Aimee Mayo, and Karyn Rochelle. In addition, this song became the lead single in her second album. Kelly Pickler first performed her masterpiece at the 43rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. Hence, the song was a hit landing at no. 21 in the Billboard Hot Country Songs.  According to critics, the song had a positive impact since it talks about being perfect despite how you look.

Above all, humans are so judgmental to the point that we only rely on outer beauty. Kelly Pickler helped us realize that the standard of being beautiful is not the perfect features that we can see but the ideal personality that we have. We are perfectly incomplete in our ways because we are still filling the missing gaps through our journey in this life. In conclusion, be confident in your own skin and accept who you really are because you are beautiful.


Chris Lindsey, Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful, Kellie Pickler

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