November 16

Kellie Pickler Shows Who’s The Boss in “Red High Heels”


As humans, once we’ve gone through a toxic relationship, we just want to have a breather. But, what if your ex-lover will come chasing after you and begging for a second chance? In my opinion, I will just give them a sweet goodbye, but let’s see what Kelly Pickler has to say on this.

The North Carolina Beauty

Kellie Pickler is a country music artist first seen on the reality TV show “American Idol.” Although she finished 6th place, it was the first step of her career. This only proves that even if she comes from a small town, Pickler can be something special. Also, she became an influencer and an icon since then. Further, like all other artists, her biggest breakthrough was in 2006 when BNA Records signed her as a professional singer. In addition, she is known for her breakthrough album “Small Town Girl” that sold over 900,000 copies.

“Small Town Girl” was the gateway for her career to flourish. Since then, Kellie Pickler released hit after hit, most of which entered the Billboard Hot Country Song Charts. One of her biggest achievements was when she was included in the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame.

Small Town Girl

“Red High Heels” was co-written by Kellie Pickler and it was released in 2006 as the lead single of her album. Upon its release, the song landed at no. 15 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Charts, and no. 64 on Billboard Hot 100. In addition, the hit became a certified Gold in 2009 by the RIAA. Thus, it only means that this small town girl can rock the charts.

The song focuses on being happy after a toxic relationship. Also, in the music video, Kellie Pickler portrayed herself as a happy and independent woman. All of us will go through rough relationships, but once we have a breather, then we will know our worth.


Billboard Hot Country Songs Charts, Kellie Pickler, Red High Heels

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