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Keith Whitley’s Last No. 1 Song in the Chart, “It Ain’t Nothin’”

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How far can love bring you? Do you agree that love is the answer to most of our problems? Do you agree that love can always help us get through our days? Well, some people will agree and some will not. However, the love that must be express is the kind of love that is not selfish or bad. It must be the kind of love that is selfless. “It Ain’t Nothin’” by Keith Whitley definitely agrees that love is the answer to a tough day. Read further to know why.

Keith Whitley’s “It Ain’t Nothin’”

Keith Whitley’s record label, RCA, released his single “It Ain’t Nothin’” in October 1989. The song was Keith’s last No.1 on the Billboard chart. In addition, his song was released after his death. “It Ain’t Nothing” was from his album I Wonder Do You Think of Me, an album also released after his death. The single placed at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country chart for one week. It remained on the chart for a total of 17 weeks.

I Wonder Do You Think of Me

I Wonder Do You Think of Me, released by Whitley’s same record label, entered the Billboard chart and peaked at No. 2. In addition, the album also entered the Billboard 200 at No. 115. The album produced three singles that were able to enter the Billboard chart (“I Wonder Do You Think of Me,” “It Ain’t Nothin’,” and “I’m Over You.”)

About the Song

The song is about a man who feels tired of his work and his life but his lover tells him that everything is fine. The woman in the song comforts her man by telling him her love for him will make everything thing feel good. She assures him that love can heal everything and because of that, the man in the song has the strength to face every day of his life as long as his lover will be there for him.

Here is “It Ain’t Nothin’” by Keith Whitley.

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