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Here’s to Wishing Keith Whitley And Allison Krauss Could Have Done a Duet


Here's to Wishing Keith Whitley And Allison Krauss Could Have Done a Duet 1Would you agree with me if I say that “When You Say Nothing At All” is one of the greatest songs ever? Any country fan knows how famous it is from the moment it was released when Keith Whitley sang it.

Maybe you have only heard of one version, right? But did you know that there are two? You got that right, with The Billboard Book of Number One Country Hits song has two versions! Keith Whitley sang the love song and released it in 1988. Allison Krauss had hers many years later.

Upon the release of “When You Say Nothing At All,” it immediately hit the top of both the US and Canda country charts. The song stayed there for a while and it was even named as the 12th greatest love song of all time in country music.

One of the co-writers was so impressed on how well Whitley interpreted the song. In an interview with The Billboard Book of Number One Country Hits, he said his singing was really believable. “He truly sang it from the heart…”

Unfortunately, Whitley passed away less than a year after the song’s release. He was on the height of his career, he was going places and there was so much potential with the song’s hit. The country music world was absolutely heartbroken to bid him goodbye.

Here's to Wishing Keith Whitley And Allison Krauss Could Have Done a Duet 2

Six years after his death, Allison Krauss did a beautiful cover of “When You Say Nothing At All.”

Proving what an incredible song this was, it hit the third spot on the charts and even got the award for Single of the Year.

However, it was still heart breaking that Whitley wasn’t there to celebrate the success of the song. This did not stop Mike Cromwell to put together something as mind blowing as he did. He is the production director at WMIL-FM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin .

He thought of creating a duet of Whitley and Krauss using their recordings and blending them together to make it sound like a single song.

This duet was not commercially released but we think it is so amazing for the world and for the fans to miss out on. It has been grabbing attention of country music fans, so check it out in the video below.



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