April 29

Keith Urban Dedicates a Song to Nicole Kidman

A lot of people wants to have a perfect relationship and a perfect life partner. But most of the time, you need to kiss a lot of frogs before you will be able to find your prince. Just like in fairy tales, the heroine needs to overcome a lot of obstacles before having her happy ever after. Anyway, how about you? How’s your relationship with your partner recently? Is it a healthy one or is it going towards a toxic path? To give you inspiration, let’s look at one of the most loved couples – Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise
Photo Credits: Keith Urban/Official Facebook Home Page

We all know that these two had a rough past but it seems that they were able to find their happy ever after. Furthermore, Keith Urban even dedicated a song to his wife. Do you find that sweet or romantic? Let’s go ahead and listen to it.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Head Over Heels Love Story

They are one of the most envied couples in the industry, and a lot of people are saying that they are lucky to find each other. Nicole Kidman had a rough relationship with his ex-husband Tom Cruise. A lot of issues went over their relationship especially when Cruise was not there for her when Kidman had a miscarriage on her third-month pregnancy. Keith Urban was involved in alcohol addiction and his life was all over the place. But now, it seems that love made them believe that the horrors of life can turn into fairy tales.

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise
Photo Credits: Keith Urban/Official Facebook Home Page

The Controversial Hit

The country superstar Keith Urban is now happy with his wife Nicole Kidman in spite of their dark past. They are now enjoying their lives with their two lovely daughters. Furthermore, Urban spiced up their love story when he penned a hit for Kidman entitled Gemini. Surprisingly, she loved the hit.

Go ahead and listen to it and tell me what your thoughts are.


Keith Urban, nicole kidman

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