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Keith Urban’s “Only You Can Love Me This Way” and How it was Made

“Only You Can Love Me This Way” is one of Keith Urban’s number one singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It became his 11th among his other top charters. However, before it skyrocketed, the song has an interesting story.

Not to mention, the song was penned in just 15 minutes. Steve McEwan and John Reid, the songwriters, were able to create “Only You Can Love Me This Way” shortly after meeting at a Nashville songwriting camp.

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Both songwriters are from the UK. However, they never knew each other. Reid was McEwan’s first friend, so he’d written a song with him only that week. They were in a room trying to talk about something they would connect with. Both needed something to do so McEwan started to play his guitar. Then, Reid began singing along with the melody. Their jam flowed naturally.

Moreover, the two buddies wrote the song quickly. There was not much “ornaments” or image. It is merely a simple song straight to the heart. They pitched the demo tape to Urban which he liked the first time he heard the song. Originally, Reid with his “sweet pop voice” recorded the song as a demo but later changed to a deeper and more American McEwan’s voice. It is because of a better chance of being accepted by Urban.

Only You Can Love Me This Way

Keith Urban recorded and released June 29, 2009. It was part of his album “Defying Gravity.” Due to its success, it penetrated the Billboard Hot 100 at number 34 and Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at number one.

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Keith Urban, Only You Can Love Me This Way

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