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Keith Urban Connects to us Personally in “Graffity U”

“The title of ‘Graffiti U’ came quite a way into recording, I was trying to find something that felt like all the songs. And I thought, it’s a very expressive album, musically. It’s very honest. It’s very pure expression from me. The studio’s like a blank canvas, and the more I thought about that, the more I thought about graffiti. The word ‘graffiti’ kept coming to me. It felt right. Then I thought, well there’s also the audience. That’s what the ‘U’ is. It’s inclusive. I just simply changed ‘U’ to the first letter of my last name.” –Keith Urban

Finding a musical flourish or unusual sound and turning it into a song is one of Kieth Urban‘s biggest sources of inspiration. Speaking with him about songwriting, one gets the sense of him as a sonic scavenger, snatching bits here and there and stitching them into the fabric of his songs and ideas.

Keith Urban Connects to us Personally in "Graffity U" 1
World-renowned photographer Mark Seliger took the cover photo of Urban for Graffiti U. (

Graffiti U

Urban released his 10th studio album on April 27. Graffiti U follows Urban’s 2016 release Ripcord, a Grammy-nominated album that flexed Urban’s pop muscles on tracks like the Carrie Underwood duet “The Fighter” and also spawned the 2017 CMA Awards Single of the Year “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

In many ways, Graffiti U picks up where Ripcord left off, particularly in its exploration of sounds and textures that aren’t traditionally associated with country music. Accordingly, guests on Graffiti U range from country newcomers like Kassi Ashton and Lindsay Ell to genre-defying songwriters Shy Carter and Julia Michaels.

What to expect from the brand-new album?

“I hope that people can find their own personal connection to the stories, and how the songs make them feel. ‘Graffiti U’ is such personal expression, that I hope that the album makes someone feel inspired to be personally expressive in whatever they do in their own life. If the music does that, it’s a beautiful thing.” –Keith Urban

To give you a teaser of the album, here’s the opening track of the album. “Coming Home,” released as a single to country radio in March, chops, and screws the famed guitar lick from Merle Haggard’s classic “Mama Tried, merging old influences with the new ones. The Haggard sample caused a ripple of controversy, but Urban is unfazed, happy to incorporate one of his favorite pieces of music into a song of his own.

Other songs from the album include:

1.”Never Comin Down”
2. “Same Heart”
3. “My Wave”
4. “Parallel Line”
5. “Drop Top” (feat. Kassi Ashton)
6. “Way Too Long”
7. “Horses” (feat. Lindsay Ell)
8. “Gemini”
9. “Texas Time”
10. “Love the Way It Hurts (So Good)”
11. “Female”
12. “Steal My Thunder”

What do you look forward to Keith Urban’s new Album? Share us your thoughts fellas. And if you like to read more articles about our favorite country stars, you can check Country Thang Daily website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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