June 14

Keith Urban’s “Song for Dad” is Perfect for You this Father’s Day

Father’s day is coming and if you haven’t greeted your father yet, what are you waiting for? We will be celebrating this father’s day with a Keith Urban song, because why not? Keith Urban is one of the most endearing country artists of today and we could not love him more.

keith urban, father, dad
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His track “Song for Dad” is a part of his 2002 album that stayed in the country charts for 108 weeks. The magnitude that the album got is probably twice the love that Urban has for his late father.

Keith Urban’s Relationship with His Father

We all know the tragic disaster that hit Keith back in 2015. His father, Bob Urban, passed away after battling prostate cancer. The singer was grief-stricken because his wife’s father also passed away just a few months before that.

Keith Urban is very fond of his father. He owed it to his late father that he got into the country music scene. According to the singer, his father influenced him by introducing country legend Don Williams to him. This got him to like country music so he pursued it. His father was a constant supporter of the singer throughout his entire career.  This song was written back in 2002, but it seems like the significance of the song was even more highlighted after his father’s passing.

keith urban, father, dad
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Lyrics Breakdown

A part of the song commends Bob Urban for being a great father to them. Keith made sure that his song would resonate a sense of being grateful to the person that raised him.

Also, having your children wanting to be the father that you were is probably the biggest compliment a father could have. It means that you have done a stellar job of being a great dad. Whether you made mistakes or not, that is out of the question. It is so endearing to hear Keith talk about his father in his song because you really feel his sense of pride in his father’s sacrifices.

We all know the lengths that our parents would go just to make us happy. I just wish that we could reciprocate all the hardships they have done for us while they are still alive.

Listen to the song here:


father's day, Keith Urban, song for dad

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