July 4

Keeping it Real with Carrie Underwood

One of the main reasons why Carrie Underwood is well-loved by her fans is because she is genuine.  She currently has 6 million on Instagram and when you scroll down on her posts and look at her pictures and videos, you will see that she is a Wonder Woman.

Aside from being a mother to Isiah, being a wife and entertainer, she is also a businesswoman. She has her own activewear line, Calia.

She says, “That’s just being a woman,” Carrie says of wearing different hats. “We all do different things but we all do a million things. Women are multitaskers by nature. It’s like we all have different jobs but there’s a lot going on. I think it’s cool to have things in my life that make that easier.”

On being a mother, wife and herself

In a lot of her Instagram posts, you will see a glimpse of how her day-to-day life really looks like. Perhaps, unlike other stars, she doesn’t pretend to be perfect. In an interview with  “Woman’s Wear Daily,” she says, “I try to just keep everything as real as possible. Nothing’s too calculated. I always feel like you can kind of tell when some celebrities are. I just try to keep it me and real, and if people like it, then that’s cool.

She definitely has her hands full but she makes sure to find quality time with her little boy for their bonding moments. “On days off, we look for parks and zoos and aquariums,” she says, adding that she likes to go to farmer’s markets, co-ops and more to buy groceries wherever she’s visiting.

Of course, it is also very important to find time for herself. “I do my own hair and makeup on the road. It’s another thing that … I’m a person and I’m a lady, and I like to do my own makeup and hair,” she says. “On red carpets, somebody else has to do it for me because the lights can do weird stuff with your face. But on the road, it’s my zen time before the show.”

But she also admits, “When it’s all over, I just want to enjoy some time at home and watch some hockey!”

Let’s not forget the fact that she is married to Nashville Predators center, Mike Fisher. On very busy days, they try to make it work, thanks to current technology.

“We FaceTime almost every day so [Mike] can have a little interaction with Isaiah,” she says. “He comes out sometimes. I look for times when his schedule has him playing at home, and we might send Isaiah home to be with him so he can have some time with him.

“That has to be hard, for him to be away from Isaiah. I have never been on that side of it,” the “Jesus Take the Wheel” singer adds. “They need their time together because Isaiah loves his daddy!”

Keep it up Carrie, we love you!


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