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When You Feel Like Giving Up, “Keep the Faith” Says Messina

When You Feel Like Giving Up, "Keep the Faith" Says Messina 1
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Just recently, country music artist Jo Dee Messina released a new single called Bigger Than Thiswhich was inspired by her cancer battle. In the song, the I’m Alright” singer declares the power that God has. His capabilities are far enormous than the problems we have. Therefore, drawing closer to Him at all times would help us feel secure and at peace no matter how wicked the world we’re living in is.

Even before the singer was diagnosed with a certain type of cancer last year, she had already written and recorded several songs that centered on her spiritual relationship with God. In 2002, she co-wrote and released a single called “Keep the Faith.” The optimistic song offers encouragement to everyone to remain steadfast with their faith whenever life’s storms struck them. The song appeared on Messina’s album entitled A Joyful Noise.

Reflections on the Lyrics

At the opening of the song, the narrator gives certain situations where something we have could disappear in the air in just a blink of an eye. Trust, truth and the lessons we learned were cited as examples of the possessions that may slip away from us. If such happens, the song teaches us to be brave and strong rather than surrendering ourselves to fear. Keeping our faith in God would make things turn for the better. It’s what we all need to do then.

In the second verse, we could see the narrator admitting her weaknesses and tendency to get lost along the way. That’s regardless of the efforts she’s putting in to be in on the right track. As we live in a world filled with sinful influences, it’s unavoidable to be overpowered by the worldly forces. Sometimes, even if we think we’re strong and brave, we can’t do away from feeling helpless and hopeless. Therefore, sometimes giving up becomes the easiest resort for us. But toward the end of this stanza, the narrator maintained her tenacity by reminding herself not to give up. Instead, she kept her faith and just hold on.

The chorus repeats the titular phrase “Keep the Faith” to put emphasis on the essential act. Also, at the second half part of the chorus, the song is resolute in telling the listeners not to do anything. Just remember to keep their faith. With it, everything would become possible.

Let’s listen to Messina’ recording of the song “Keep the Faith” below.

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Jo Dee Messina, Keep the Faith

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