December 11

Keep Singing and Praying “In God We Still Trust” with Diamond Rio

Not a few country songs with God as the subject are without controversies. “In God We Still Trust” by Diamond Rio was no exception.  Going back March 2009, parents of two students filed a lawsuit against the board of an elementary school in Florida. That is for including their children in rehearsing the song for the school’s year-end assembly. The claim was it is a violation of the first amendment to make children sing a ‘proselytizing’ and ‘sectarian’ country music song. They would rather have their children sit through the whole performance. The song then was dropped from the program. Even so, the District Judge still issued an injunction.

Not meaning to complain but sometimes, judicial rulings are unfair. Respects are given for full public display of other religion but not with Christianity? Listening to the lyrics, there was nothing ‘brainwashing’ about it. In fact, it is historical. It is giving tribute to the founding principle of how America was united. That is through making God the central and unifying force. It is just an echoing of Psalm 33:12. It states, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” The founding fathers recognized that. Sadly, it seems they have stronger backbones to stand for that belief.

It is understood that America is a pro-religion country. Everyone has the right to practice his faith. Contrary to most misinterpretations, country songs about God will not make people switch religions. It is not a misuse of the freedom of speech either. To say so is an absolute cop-out. A lot of non-country singers have free reign to say whatever they want in their songs. It does not matter that their lyrics were offensive to most who uphold decency and values. How ironic that nobody bothers to ban or file a lawsuit against it. Why could it not be the same with “God-themed” songs?

May all nations keep singing and praying, “In God We Still Trust.”
Sang by Diamond Rio


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