June 19

“Keep Your Eyes on Jesus”: Believing the Lord, Not the World

"Keep Your Eyes on Jesus": Believing the Lord, Not the World 1
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We surely know the world is filled with so many temptations. Oftentimes, these appear to be brilliant enough trying to lure us to keep our focus on them. But as Christians, our loyalty must belong to Jesus alone. As what the Bible taught us, we have a jealous God and thus, we have to give Him only our attention. Also, as we are traveling on a road of uncertainties and too many distractions, keeping our eyes on Jesus would safely lead us to our rightful destination. Otherwise, we’ll be lost wandering in the wilderness.

There were many Biblical characters who taught us in words and actions how to keep our eyes on Jesus. A great example was Peter’s walking on the water as explained in Matthew 14:25-31. Peter displayed boldness when he stepped out in faith in order to walk on the water. No matter what surrounded him, even a raging storm, he didn’t entertain any distraction to interrupt him. This should be the kind of faith we’re living. The evil would always be at work trying to take our eyes off Jesus. But no matter how strong the evil’s work is, let our faith in God be stronger.

On the other hand, Paul wrote that Christ is the source of everything we have – wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. But taking Jesus out of the equation would leave us with nothing. Therefore, the only thing we could do to be able to experience the fullness of life is to keep our eyes on Jesus.

Considering our relationship with God as the most important aspect of our life, let’s keep it growing. As we continually look to Jesus, He will be the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). To inspire us more to keep our eyes on our Savior, let’s listen to this relatable song by The Louvin Brothers.


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Keep Your Eyes on Jesus, Louvin Brothers

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