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What does Katelyn Jae do for a living? Meet Kane Brown’s wife


Katelyn Jae was a rising pop singer before she met Kane Brown. Yet she grabbed the world’s attention further when details of their relationship were made public in 2017. 

Now, as all eyes are on her newly-built family with Kane, everyone is curious about her life before she was put into the spotlight. From her early life in her hometown down to how she made a name for herself, we’re giving out all the juicy details here. Read on to meet Kane Brown‘s wife:

Katelyn grew up in Pennsylvania

Katelyn Jae was born on June 19, 1992, as Katelyn Rose Krapf. Along with her two brothers, she was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. They were brought up alone by their mother, Karen Cerami Gerlach after their parents divorced. 

Later on, her mother married again to Pennsylvania Congressman Jim Gerlach. As Katelyn spent time in the suburbs of Chester Springs, she went to Downington High School. 

Upon her high school graduation, she then proceeded to the West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She got a Bachelor’s degree in Music management.

Katelyn started singing at an early age

Katelyn Jae started singing as early as three years old. What started as a hobby became her dream as she pursued it seriously at 11 years old. It was a music teacher that noticed her knack for singing during their choir practice.

Upon hearing Katelyn’s version of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” the teacher spoke with her parents. Her parents then put her through several music classes to enhance her talent. The young Katelyn obliged and enjoyed taking both vocal and piano lessons.

Katelyn has joined various singing competitions

The earliest pursuit of Katelyn for her music dreams was in 2002. She tried her luck in The Voice and American Idol. During these times, she also joined and won the first season of YOBI.tv and MySpace’s “Take the Stage” contest.

Meanwhile, when she was taking her Music Management degree, she also participated in several music competitions. In 2008, Katelyn was one of the top five participants of the International Model and Talent Association conference. It’s a prestigious convention for all sorts of artists like singers and songwriters.

Soon after, Katelyn brought honor to the USA after winning at the 2010/2011 Avon Voices International Talent Search. Her song called “Skills” made it into the local radio airwaves after the competition.

Katelyn worked her way to establish a name in the industry

Katelyn chose to drop both of her middle and last names as she pursued music professionally. Now known as Katelyn Jae, she tried her luck in meeting recording producers.

However, her luck seemed to run out when her family was reportedly conned a total of $20,000 by a bogus recording producer. This incident didn’t stop her from moving forward. With the help of the illustrious music manager, Johnny Wright, she finally landed her first label. 

The same label also worked with famous names in the music industry such as Sean Combs, NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys.

While she was under the Wright Entertainment Group, she worked smarter by pulling in notable voice coaches like Kelly Woolfrey. She also worked with experts such as Mark Goff and RAab Stevenson. Katelyn also developed her voice with the help of the artist development team at the Florida compound of Pop Nation.

Under Wright, Katelyn released her debut EP titled “Finally.” She then released the music videos for her song “24KT (2014)” on her Youtube channel. 

As of writing, Katelyn remains to be a singer/songwriter. She last went on the road during the PopNation Summer Tour in 2015. However, in a recent 2020 announcement made by her husband, Kane Brown hinted that the couple is brewing a duet.

Katelyn Jae’s net worth

The estimated net worth of Katelyn is around $500,000. At the moment, the exact estimate of her income isn’t clear since she laid low from her primary source of income since 2016. 

Meanwhile, the “Lose It (2018)” singer maintains a net worth of $6 million, all thanks to his country music success. 

We’re expecting a better estimate of Katelyn’s net worth as she embarks again on the music scene with her husband in the future.

Katelyn Jae’s race 

When the news about their relationship broke out, Brown’s fans wondered about Katelyn Jae’s race and true ethnicity.

Many were curious if Kane Brown’s spouse is black. But, it doesn’t take much time on the internet today to know that the pop singer is an American of Caucasian descent. 

Katelyn Jae’s notable songs

Throughout her music career, Katelyn Jae’s official Youtube account has uploaded only four videos. Her most viewed one includes her first single, “24KT (2014): with over 600,000 views. The song was written by Sebastian Cole and Katelyn herself. 

Her Youtube account with a shy number of 15,000 followers also features the music video of her single “Perfect (2016).” The song was produced by Patrick “Guitar Boy” Haynes and Polow Da Don for Zone 4 Productions. It was directed by Alex Dimarco and has raked almost 400,000 views.

Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae met in Florida candidly

According to his several interviews, Brown said that he met Katelyn while working on his music in Orlando, Florida, way back in 2015. When they first met, “Rose” was sporting a comfortable oversized t-shirt and her go-to tennis shoes. Katelyn’s hair was held up, altogether capturing the country star’s attention.

In 2017, the couple made their relationship public, attracting more eyes on Katelyn. The following year, the singing duo got married in front of 200 guests at Mint Spring Farms. 

Only a year after they tied the knot, Kane Brown and Katelyn announced on April 16, 2019, that they were pregnant. On October 29, 2019, Katelyn bore their first child, Kingsley Rose Brown.

Katelyn Brown, now a mom of one, maintains a happy family life with the “Worldwide Beautiful (2020)” singer. They live in a new home in Nashville, Tennessee, enjoying their singing sessions at home.

As Kane Brown announced his collaboration with his wife in 2020, the world could only wonder if Katelyn Jae would marry the pop genre with her husband’s unique classic country music style. However things go, their fans are will surely be there to support.


Kane Brown, Katelyn Jae

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