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Katelyn Jae And Kane Brown’s Love Story Proves That Love Will Eventually, Spontaneously Begin

Country singer-songwriter, Kane Brown have really gotten “One Thing Right” – he got Katelyn Jae as his wife. 

On the eve of October 12, 2018, the lovebirds did not wait too long and finally tied the knot near the couple’s home outside of Nashville at the Mint Springs Farm in Franklin, Tennessee. The beautiful ceremony was held in front of about 200 guests. The couple’s pastor officiated the lush wedding while their wedding party was composed of the couple’s family, friends, including singer-songwriter Taylor Phillips and Brown’s bandmates. 

The event space was like a dream too. The pair successfully got the vibe they wanted, “like an enchanted forest”, with a color palette of greens and fall colors.

“We wanted something here in Nashville and loved the idea of having it at home and not traveling since we are on the road so much,” the newlyweds said of the wedding and reception venue, where they served salmon and barbecue chicken. “It’s not too rural but has so many elements of nature — a huge lake, rolling hills, trees. It’s just beautiful out there.”

And when it comes to defying the odds and stereotypes, these two know better. Rather than the traditional exchange of handwritten vows, “We decided to exchange letters to each other earlier in the day and keep the actual vows a little more traditional,” the couple told PEOPLE.

Katelyn Jae and Kane Brown
Katelyn Jae And Kane Brown's Love Story Proves That Love Will Eventually, Spontaneously Begin 2

Guess everyone would agree that these two have the sweetest relationship in country music. Now, let’s take a look back at Katelyn Jae and Kane Brown’s love story from the beginning.

Katelyn Jae and Kane Brown’s Love Story – How Did it Begin?

Katelyn Jae is also in the music business, she studies music management and has dabbled in performing in the past. She participated in the first season of the singing competition Take The Stage in 2012 where she emerged the winner. She did not only took home a whopping $20,000 but as well as a management contract with Wright Entertainment Group and Yobi.tv.

She met Brown at one of his concerts in 2015 and were introduced by mutual friends.

“She came to one of my shows, and the first time I saw her, it was the shy giddiness,” Brown told Taste of Country Nights. “I didn’t know what was going to happen. She lived in Orlando [and] was in Miami.”

Still, both felt the connection that they didn’t let the distance get in the way: “I messaged her on Instagram the next night and said, ‘Hey, when are we going to hang out?’ and flew her down,” Brown shared, “and she hasn’t left since.”

Brown wanted a low-key event for their first date, so he decided to bring Jae to Top Golf. The couple continued to keep their dating life low-key and only made it public in January 2017 through Social Media to publicly profess his love and appreciation for his then-girlfriend, Katelyn Jae. Brown shared of photo of him and Jae sitting on the tour bus with a sweet caption:

“I know a lot has been going good for me this past year, but being away from my family and friends it’s been tough,” he wrote. “Luckily I found my other half. I know a lot of people might get mad I’m in a relationship but if you’re a true fan u won’t. She keeps me Sane, she keeps me happy she’s my girl. God Bless.” 

Despite the anticipated backlash, many of the comments on the post were positive, with Brown’s fans supporting his relationship with Jae.

Kane Brown’s ‘Weird’ Wedding Proposal

In April 2017, just eight months after they first started dating, Brown surprised his fans again with an announcement of their engagement. But this wasn’t your traditional wedding proposal. There are no romantic themes, no fanfare engagement that you would likely expect from people their age. It was as spontaneous as the first day they met.

Brown popped the question during a movie night with Jae. And it wasn’t even a romantic flick!

One Easter Sunday, the low-key couple were relaxing at home watching a horror movie, The Amityville Horror Movie, a movie about newlyweds who move into a house where a mass murder has been committed, when Kane suddenly popped the question – luckily she said yes. 

“I just couldn’t wait,” Brown said admitting that it was a “weird proposal.” he had planned on proposing the next day more traditionally, with “rose petals and everything like that,” but opted for spontaneity instead.

He honored her by announcing their engagement while performing at her home county in Philadelphia. “I just got engaged to a girl from Philadelphia two days ago. This is my first time making this announcement, but we’re in Philly, so I thought I had to go ahead and make the announcement, so thank you Philadelphia.”

After getting married, Brown furthermore showed the world that the love for his wife is permanent. The singer debuted his fresh tattoo in honor of his wife. On his Instagram Story, Brown showed Katelyn’s name stamped in cursive on the side of his hand with the bottom of the “y” curving into an infinity symbol.

And as if having a tattoo of her name wasn’t enough, he wrote a song for her too. “Good as you” was supposed to be our wedding song,” Brown said in an interview. The romantic track appears on his album, Experiment, which dropped in November 2018. Brown’s “Good as You” music video shared moments from the couple’s beautiful wedding day too. 

Indeed, Brown is quite an attentive young man who has learned at an early age that it is all about the small things when it comes to pleasing your woman.

As for their honeymoon, the two chose s an outdoorsy, remote location at the Smokey Mountain. “We chose someplace that we both love and can just completely relax and spend time appreciating nature, each other — and no cell service!” they said.

“We had three different places to go to,” Brown revealed in an earlier interview. “She’s from Philadelphia. So she’d never been to Gatlinburg, except for one other time with me, and that was like our best vacation we ever had. So we’re just gonna go back. We rented a little cabin above Dollywood, and we’re just gonna have a good time.”

Katelyn Jae and Kane Brown’s Little Family

Six months after tying the knot, the newlyweds shared the news that Jae was pregnant. And during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, Kane announced that they are expecting their first child, a baby girl. 

After having such a low-key dating life, this news must have really made Brown and Jae ecstatic and excited as shown by their Instagram posts. This time there was no privacy anymore. Brown showed the world his wife’s baby bump, he even shared a photo of the ultrasound! His wife, on the other hand, posted a video of the sonogram and captioned it as the coolest day of her life so far. Their daughter, Kingsley Rose Brown, was born in October 2019.

As Brown’s celebrity status continues to grow, he and Katelyn always make a point to make time for each other.

“We prioritize time together and make sure to have as much normalcy as possible with date nights and nights at home with our dogs,” they explained. “And we have a great appreciation for each other and respect each of our careers and time to do their thing as well. We love each other but are also friends — it’s so important to have that balance.”

Katelyn Jae and Kane Brown’s love story goes to show that love can come your way at whatever age and as long as you embrace it and do all the right things, then the result will absolutely be happily ever after story which is what we wish for this amazing couple.


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