January 31

Doting Granddaughter Resurrects Grandpa’s Song Written in the ’80s

Back in the days when songs were life stories in melodies, we’ll find gems like today’s feature.

Last Christmas eve, singer-songwriter, Karli Willett presented a priceless gift to her grandpa. Watch his heart-melting reaction upon hearing the familiar lyrics he wrote many years ago.


It’s a post-Vietnam war song.  Grandpa wanted to honor the gallant soldiers whose names may have never made it to history books nor in the news’ headlines, but were still every bit heroes. Lyrically, it’s an awesome song worth producing as it encapsulated the emotions and memories that veterans might have had.

Bits About the Songwriter and His Song



Meet Mike Brook. In his early years, he once dreamt to be part of the US Army. His partial hearing loss, however, made him ineligible to join. He had it from the serious injuries he sustained from football in high school.  

Still a patriotic at heart, Brook kept tabs on veteran stories. One that stood out for him was the story of a soldier who served in Vietnam. Inspired, he wrote a song about him and sang it to his children.

Fast forward today, Chera, Brook’s daughter found her dad’s old song stashed in a box while cleaning the garage. She cried upon remembering her teary-eyed dad singing his song . Daughter Karli heard about it so she decided to finish Brook’s song. They kept it a secret until the Christmas Eve.

The Best Gifts are Not Bought

Now in his late 60s, Mike Brook was left speechless when he heard his song recorded by Karli. He used to play it for his wife and children but left it unfinished.  Proud of her “Paw-Paw’s” song, Karli thought that it’s her turn, as the granddaughter, to sing the song that meant a lot to her Paw-Paw. Brook can only sob and hug his granddaughter after the song’s been played.


Karli Willet

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