February 22

Brought Together By Music: The Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae Love Story


With a mutual love for music, Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae found their way to each other. This couple keeps proving that they’re made for each other since they got married on October 12, 2018. 

Brown shared an adorable video via Instagram in early 2018. It shows them dancing together as they’re wearing their matching sweatsuits. Consequently, in his video for his song called “What’s Mine is Yours,” the lovers are seen snuggled in bed, shooting pool, and preparing breakfast, a dream come true for both of them.

The two first got together when Jae went to one of Brown’s shows. He noted the shy giddiness in her demeanor, having no idea what was about to happen after that day. Jae lived in Orlando while he was in Miami.

Kane Brown’s spouse isn’t new to the music business. She’s studying music management and has also made a few performances in the past. Their first meeting through a mutual work acquaintance was the start of a connection that no distance can stop.

The “Worship You” singer messaged her on Instagram the following night. He invited her to hang out and he flew her down. Since then, she hasn’t left his side.

Ever since their love blossomed, Brown kept everything under wraps. It wasn’t until January 2017 when the world knew about them. Through a heartfelt Facebook post, he shared the truth about his dating life. 

In his post, he shared how things weren’t as great for him in 2016. He was away from his friends and family, which made it tougher for him. He then wrote, “Luckily, I found my other half.”

The American singer and songwriter also noted the same post how some people might get mad that he found himself in a relationship. He then added, “but if you’re a true fan, you won’t.” He further shared how she has been keeping him sane and happy. 

Soon enough, they got engaged in 2017 Easter. It was during their The Amity Ville Horror movie watching that he proposed. The plot involves a newly wedded couple that is moving into a home where gruesome murders took place. It wasn’t an ideal moment to propose, but he said that he couldn’t just wait for his well-planned romantic gesture. He was supposed to do it with rose petals and all things romantic.

In October 2018, the music lovers tied the knot in front of 200 guests. It was a simple and beautiful wedding at Mint Springs Farm in Nolensville, Tennessee. This location fit the couple perfectly.

They wanted to be wedded somewhere in Nashville. The couple loved the notion of getting married at home instead of traveling far. With the many elements of nature like rolling hills, trees, and a huge lake, the couple loved how it wasn’t as rural, but it’s just as beautiful out.

Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae kept traditional vows. They exchanged personal letters earlier in the day. A year after, Brown and Jae welcome their third member of the family. 

Kane Brown’s wife gave birth to their cute daughter, Kingsley Rose, on Oct 29, 2019.


Kane Brown, Katelyn Jae

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