December 11, 2018

Jingle with Kacey Musgraves and Willie Nelson in This Adorable Song

A Willie Nice Christmas

Kick off the Christmas cheer with what else, but with Christmas carols and jingles. We start off with a really good one by Kacey Musgraves and Willie Nelson with their adorable song entitled “A Willie Nice Christmas.”

Musgraves talked about the song’s conception in one interview:

“I was just driving around one day and thought, ‘Have a Willie nice Christmas,’ and it just sounded like something we could have fun with Willie on. I mean, he’s the best of the best; he’s so humble and down to earth, and he’s just a nice guy who exudes peace and happiness.”

And, peace and happiness indeed! The jingle is light and cute and it definitely captures a very countrified version of an adorable Christmas. The lyrics cater to the Christmas spirit. “A Willie Nice Christmas” features Musgraves’ honey timbre, and Nelson’s rugged voice and trusty guitar Trigger.

Listen to the adorable song right here!

The Rolling Stone has some very positive feedback for Musgraves regarding her song and her whole Christmas album:

“With a playful mixture of classics and originals (plus a seasonal-standard sprinkling of guest vocalists), Musgraves strikes the perfect balance between nostalgia and the modern. Her Hawaiian-flavored, tongue-in-cheek duet with Willie Nelson on “A Willie Nice Christmas” is filled with lyrical nods to some of the Red Headed Stranger’s best-loved songs and more than a few sly winks to having a Christmas that is, ahem, “more green than blue.”

A Very Kacey Christmas

Musgraves released her Chrismas album way back 2017. It is her overall sixth studio album and her third major label release. The major starts in this album do not end with The Outlaw. It also includes The Quebe Sisters and Leon Bridges.

The album received universal acclaim and critics would cite the whole collection as a playful and warm holiday record. It is like a breath of fresh, whimsical air perfect for the holidays.


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