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Breath of Fresh Air And Our New Cup Of Tea: Kacey Musgraves

Breath of Fresh Air And Our New Cup Of Tea: Kacey Musgraves 1

Breath of Fresh Air And Our New Cup Of Tea: Kacey Musgraves 2

Kacey Musgraves will surely be your new cup of tea. She is a breath of fresh air. In this modern day, modern lifestyle especially modern music is prevalent in the society. But for us Country Music enthusiasts, we still are crazy about the country. Anything about the country. And yes Musgraves might be modern yet she’s still country.

About Kacey Musgraves…

Born on August 21, 1988, in Golden, Texas. Kacey Lee Musgraves first learned to play music when she was twelve years old as well as guitar and mandolin. But at the age of eight, she already wrote a song entitled “Notice Me” for her elementary school graduation. Musgraves started her country music aficionado at eighteen. She actually produced record demos to earn money. She sang mostly Western Swing Music at local music festivals.


On the other hand, Musgraves signed a contract to Mercury Nashville in 2012 and released her debut single “Merry Go Round”. The song is included in her album “Same Trailer Different Park”. She co-wrote the song “Mama’s Broken Heart” with Miranda Lambert. Furthermore, Musgraves’ song “Follow your Heart” was listed as top 39 of 100 Greatest Country Songs of All Time.



Furthermore, Musgraves considers Alison Krauss as one of her role models. John Prine is her favorite artist because of his great talent at songwriting. Musgraves look up to Lee Ann Womack, too, as her childhood influences. In addition, Glen Campbell, Bobbie Gentry, Marty Robbins, Charley Pride, Roger Miller, Jim Croce, Rolling Stone, Ray Price, Julie Miller and, Loretta Lynn influenced her music and style as well.

Awards and Recognitions…

In 2013, Musgraves won “New Artist of the Year” at Country Music Association Awards. In 2014, she also won the “Best Country Album – Same Trailer Different Park” at Grammy Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards. She beat Taylor Swift who was nominated of the same category. At Country Music Association Awards, she won “Song of the Year” for “Follow your Arrow”. In 2016, Musgraves won “International Achievement Award” at Country Music Association Awards.

With the awards she received, Musgraves only proved that she is one of a hell great artist. Pretty sure she will get more as she goes on with her country music career.


Some would love Musgraves and some would criticize her, too. There are many people doubtful of her especially her credibility as a country singer.

“Just because there are more eyes and ears on what you’re doing doesn’t mean that it should pander.” — Kacey Musgraves

“Above anything else, I just see myself as a songwriter whose job is to magnify all these parts of life that are relatable and inspiring,” she says. “It was never my intention to jump in and save anybody. All I’ve ever intended to do is to make music that spoke for me and my perspective. A lot of times in this genre, people are so focused on being ‘cool’ rather than country. To me, the coolest thing in country music is country.” Musgraves said she is just 26-years-old singing about a modern 26-years-old encounters.

She is really a distinct artist. She might be a modern country singer but she is one of a kind yet traditional. She can write good songs. Her clever lyrics show on her songs.

Here are some of Kacey Musgraves’ songs:

Merry Go ‘Round

Silver Lining


Blowin’ Smoke


Alison Krauss, Bobbie Gentry, Charley Pride, glen campbell, Jim Croce, Julie Miller, kacey musgraves, Loretta Lynn, Marty Robbins, ray price, roger miller, Rolling Stone

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