June 12

The Story Behind Kacey Musgraves’ Nostalgic Song “Mother”

kacey musgraves mother

When was the last time you called your mother? Yes, it was Mother’s day last month, but when was the last time you really spoke to her? When was the last time you called her to ask her about her day or if she wants to come by and visit you? Sometimes we forget that we cannot control time, we will never know when our final day will be. Therefore, while your mom is still here with you, give her a call right now and tell her how much you love her.


“Mother” by Kacey Musgraves is a song that will move you to tears as you sit and listen to it. It will remind you of your mom, and all you’d want to do is talk to her. Kacey Musgraves just released her album Golden Hour this year, and it was a brilliant album with heartfelt ballads and well-written songs. “Mother” was the fifth track on her album. The song is less than two minutes, but it is enough to make you feel a lot of emotions.

The Story of Writing the Song

Kacey Musgraves wrote this song when she was feeling nostalgic about her mother. Kacey remembered her mom, from all the things she did. She also remembered her mother’s hands that took care of her. She was thinking of her mom at that moment. Kacey imagined her mom was thinking of her mother too. Kacey’s song is a beautiful and heartfelt song that will make you want to hug your mom right now.

Music Video

Kacey’s music video was released last March 2018, it will make you cry as you watch it too. At the beginning of the video, Kacey is singing while clips of her childhood memories were shown. From the moment that her mother was pregnant and her childhood days with her mom. Watch till the very end and find out who’s the special guest on her short but meaningful song.

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