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5 Reasons Why Kacey Musgraves Could Be Your New Favorite

Since the first two years that Kacey Musgraves emerged from the country music scene, she has made heads turn at all her gigs and performances. As critics would describe her musical style, Musgraves’ is a voice and musicality that feels akin to a journey of country music back to its distinctive origins. But, more than a harmonious flavor that pays homage to the solid foundation of where country music all began, Kacey Musgraves is also among the present-day artists that break through the unhopeful assumptions of modern country naysayers.

Indeed, despite having recently launched her career, Musgraves is one special artist that should be considered as an emerging bright star. Why you ask?
Well, let us count the reasons.

1. Her first single, Merry Go Round was an immediate testament to her lyric writing genius

Released on September 10, 2012, Merry Go Round was Musgraves’ debut single which she co-wrote and co-produced with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. The song is a sarcastic remark on what it’s like to live life in the American heartland. In such a short time, Kacey Musgraves’ debut single gained massive positive reception from critics left and right. It clearly highlighted her talent and working experience in songwriting after the upcoming country star was described as a singer that “writes with a maturity beyond her 24 years, delivering an unflinching look into a small-town life that’s more nuanced than the highly romanticized rural anthems offered up by many of her male counterparts. “ It received 4.5 stars out of 5 rating from Taste of Country’s Billy Dukes, a thumb’s up from Engine 145’s Juli Thanki, and was also hailed by Rolling Stone as 2012’s 49th best single and Billboard’s Top 1 song in the 10 Best Country Singles of 2013.

2. She knew the perfect way to deal with the rocky paths in her career

After losing the 2013 CMA Award for Female Vocalist of the Year to the current country queen, Miranda Lambert, Musgraves chose not to fake a Grammy-worthy fake happy front and bear the pain of defeat. Instead, she took to herself to release Pageant Material, a follow-up single to her major-label debut, Same Trailer, Different Park. The album title was partly a reference to the backlash she received after she was caught on TV sporting an indifferent frown during the CMA awards night. Truth be told, Musgraves feels that she is the opposite of her album’s title. “Especially for women, you need a certain face at award shows when you lose or you’re an asshole. You can’t have a potty mouth or an opinion. In the South, getting judged on superficial stuff is a real thing. And I’m not attacking the people that might get something positive out of pageantry; I’m just not into being judged that way. I’d rather lose for what I am than win for something that I’m not.” She shares.

3. Kacey’s Southern upbringing make her such a polite and irresistible darling to the media

When you’re a budding country star with an extremely hectic schedule, you somehow are granted the choice of entertaining interviews or ignoring some. But for the joyful and good-humored Musgraves, she just couldn’t bring herself to say no to even the nosiest reporters. She is now considered as one of modern country’s sought after artists, and yet she stays true to her Southern upbringing, regarding her interviewers with respect and politeness.

4. She deems herself as a strong individual with a musical style that’s really undefinable in any shape or form.

During her interview with online music documentarist Noisey, Kacey went on to describe herself as someone who possesses a mentally strong core, thanks to the people she surrounds herself with and her amazing team. “I feel like I’m holding it down pretty well. I still feel like myself. We just have fun together and don’t let any factors outside of the music we really create influence what we’re doing. And so that’s a healthy way to be and I want it to stay like that.” In addition, she clarifies that as a songwriter she attributes the successes of her songs that what she feels is a fulfillment of her duties as one. “I’m really just writing about the songs that inspire me. For me, it’s all about keeping it as much about the music as possible. There are so many things in this industry that kind of pull it from the music. It becomes a lot more about your appearance than what you’re doing, and your music. The music is the ultimate reason I’m here. This is about the songs. This is about the music.

5. Kacey has shared the stage with many country legends Willie Nelson and Allison Krauss on numerous occasions

When you are paired to perform with one of country music’s most highly acclaimed and widely renowned singers and songwriters, you also need to step up your game so you don’t end up seeming like a backdrop or some sort of decorative prop on stage. Finding her fair share of a timeless moment in the spotlight even with the brightest stars was exactly what Kacey did during her amazing tours with Willie Nelson. She took it as an opportunity to truly bring to the table the talents and a distinct musical gift she can offer as an artist that’s all her own. She refused to be cast aside by the shadows of her predecessors and braced the dazzling spotlight head-on.

5 reasons is a limited number to convey just how much promise Kacey Musgraves holds in the country music genre. However, we’re confident our top 5 list holds more than enough convincing power to propel you into opening your hearts and minds to brand new artists like her. Sometimes, some of us may feel that new isn’t always be better, but there are still those that continue to inspire us in the same manner that our classic favorite songs made a difference in our lives.


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