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Justin Moore’s Top Hit on Country Airplay, “Til My Last Day”

Justin Moore's Top Hit on Country Airplay, "Til My Last Day" 1
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Justin Moore‘s inspiration for his first chart-topper on the Country Airplay was no other than his wife, Kate. Listening to her advice on coming up with something different gave birth to “Til My Last Day.” It’s the first song that the singer recorded for his better half. In return, Kate was so touched by the tune and it went on to become her favorite. In fact, Moore shared that his wife bought him a new ring and have some lyrics of the song engraved in it: “I can love you the best.” Moore is crediting his wife for the song and considers it as the softest thing he’s ever done.

“It shows a little bit of a different side of me. I’m blessed to have a great wife that supports me, and my music and everything I do. I wasn’t always the best boyfriend or husband and this song kind of speaks to that. It’s one of the coolest tracks on the album and really features the slide guitar.”

Moore started the year 2013 with a bang as “Til My Last Day” reached No. 1 on Country Airplay chart. The record gave Moore his first chart-topper on that music chart and his third top country hit overall. His previous big hits were “Small Town USA” and If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away.”

Additional Facts of the Song

A romantic ballad, “Til My Last Day” served as the third and final track on Justin Moore’s 2011 release Outlaws Like Me. Moore wrote the song with Jeremy Stover and Brian Dean Maher. Keeping in mind what his wife told him to make a different cut, Moore tried to keep things well-adjusted in this tune. Although it’s a love-themed song, the Bait A Hook singer tried not to get too soft with it. Likewise, adding a little tough groove to the tune resulted in a great outcome.

Apart from topping the Country Airplay chart, “Til My Last Day” also settled as a Top 10 hit on other country charts. In particular, it peaked at No. 7 on Billboard Hot Country Hot Songs chart and No. 8 on Canada Country chart. The song then received favorable reviews from different music critics.

Watch the music video for Justin Moore’s “Til My Last Day” below.

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Justin Moore, Outlaws Like Me, Til My Last Day

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