April 18

There’s Just One Way to be Saved According to Merle Haggard

there's only one way merle haggard

If you are familiar with the Bible, then you are familiar with the most common verse in the Bible by John.

“For God so loved the world that He gave us His one and only Son, Jesus. That whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

It’s seen at John 3:16. Jesus is our way to heaven, to eternal life of which we always desire. He will always guide the way to where we are meant to be.

“There’s Just One Way” by Merle Haggard

“There’s Just One Way” was written by Merle Haggard and Kenny Seratt in 1971. Not much attention was given to this song as this is the 12th track of his album If We Make it through December. The first track of the album was the one that was given more attention by many, “If We Make it through December.” It peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs. The song became popular because of its theme. However, in this article we focus our attention on the last track of the album, “There’s Just One Way.”

The Song’s Meaning

It is a gospel song that reveals to us that despite all the questions there is only one answer, Jesus. Faith is something we all have, but most of the time it’s shaken by trials and hardships. We lose track of whom to trust or believe in. We lose our peace of mind, trying to find it on worldly things, but the answer is not anywhere. The only way is to believe in Jesus and to have faith in him… no more, no less. We can only find comfort and peace in Jesus. It may seem impossible at first, but if we open our eyes and hearts to certain things then the impossible will be possible.

If you are feeling down or facing many challenges today, lift up your pain to the Lord and let him comfort you. Find peace today in Jesus by merely believing that He can save you and help you.

“There’s Just One Way”, a song to comfort you today.

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