June 14

“Just One Time”: Don Gibson’s Top Performing Song

don gibson just one time

Don Gibson wrote and released a song that many fans and artists appreciated. His song “Just One Time” was first released as a single then he included it on his album Look Who’s Blue in 1960. His song peaked at No.2 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 1960, and further remaining for a total of 21 weeks. However, his album Look Who’s Blue wasn’t able to enter the Billboard charts.

The Different Versions

Chet Akins produced Gibson’s song, and RCA Victor records released the album. Because of its huge success, many artists were eager to make a version of the song “Just One Time.” Some of the artists who covered it were Connie Smith, Everly Brothers, Kitty Wells, Dottie West and even Gibson’s produce Chet Akins. When Connie made a version of this song, it remained at the top of the chart just like Gibson. Her version peaked at No. 2 on the Hot Country Songs chart in 1971, and spend a total of 17 weeks on the chart. The song is truly a masterpiece created by Gibson.

The Song’s Content

“Just One Time” is about a man hoping for a moment to be with the woman he loves. He knew that she is happy with someone new. But, he still wants to be with her and show her how much he still loves her. It’s difficult if someone is still in love with their ex-lover while the other one has moved on and is already happy. You cannot tell them to forget and move on, especially if the person in love was the one left behind.

It’s a relatable song, one where people will know how it feels like to love someone who’s not in love with them anymore. Aside from Gibson’s voice, the lyrics are also something that people loved. They instantly connected with the story of the song, and that is one element of a good song. The singer, the melody plus the words will equal to a hit song that is perfection.

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Don Gibson, just one time

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