April 16

“Julia”: Another Name of a Woman by Conway Twitty

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Conway Twitty was always fond of singing songs with a woman’s name in it. Like Linda, Joni and here in this article Julia. When asked who those women are, Twitty usually gave a vague answer. Maybe the song wasn’t written by him or, it could be that there’s actually no meaning behind the name, it just fits the lyrics of the song. Knowing the history of the song is always amazing, but listening to Conway Twitty’s record needs no explanation because it’s sung to perfection.

“Julia” Chart Performance

“Julia” a song about a woman written by John Jarvis and Don Cook in 1987. Performed by Conway Twitty, and was also included as a track in his album, Borderline. Twitty took the song on top of the charts. Peaking at No. 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs in 1987 for 23 weeks. His album though peaked only at No. 25 on the U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums, in 1988.

The Song In Between the Lines

It is difficult for a woman to patiently waiting for the man she loves for quite a long time. Do you ever know what keeps a person to wait patiently? Maybe it could only be love. Love can make things work out in the gentlest way possible. However, is love enough to make a person wait for years? This surely is quite difficult to answer.

Waiting for the person you love is part of the theme of Twitty’s song, “Julia.” The man in the song knew how difficult it would be for Julia to wait for him. He was afraid that she might give up on him already. He fears that Julia can’t wait any longer for him. Do you have any experience like Julia, waiting for someone you love? Or are you the one who keeps someone waiting for you? Whichever side you have experienced, it’s both hard to wait and to make someone wait. However, if you truly love one another maybe time won’t matter.

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