May 10

Josh Turner’s “The Answer” Will Guide You Through Your Struggles

Josh Turner is one of the few contemporary artists who constantly releases good gospel music. This time, he talks about what you can do in times of struggle.

The song was under his album Haywire. It was his 4th studio album, and it was released back in 2010. The singer himself wrote the song, and he believes that it is one of the best songs he has written.

josh turner
via Josh Tuner’s official Facebook page

About Josh Turner’s “The Answer”

The singer, famous for his sexy song “Your Man,” proves that he can also do great gospel music.

In one of his interview, he said:

“He and I are both strong in our faith, and we both love Country music. I had the title ‘Jesus Is the Answer’ written down for a long time, and I really didn’t have anything beyond that etched out. I threw the title idea at him, and he loved it.”

Josh Turner admitted that he felt like the world is always looking for an answer. They are searching for what they can do for their struggles and a direction to go with their life.

When he heard the final version of the song, with the addition to the choir, the singer admitted that it brought tears to his eyes.

The song was also the only gospel music in the album, so it was really a very special song for Josh Turner.

josh turner
via Josh Turner’s Official Facebook Page

Lyrics Breakdown

You’ve got questions, you need directions
Arms to hold you for all eternity
Look no further, cause there’s no other
He’s an anchor, he’s God’s right-hander
Jesus is the answer

Josh Turner has very strong roots when it comes to religion. So, it is no surprise that he was able to write a song that he can subjectively call his best work.

And we could not agree more. In moments where we feel hopelessness because of the situation that we are in, the only solution is Him. For some reason, we feel empowered every time that we pray and seek His guidance.

That is why we can never question the devotion that people have with their faith because of its miraculous ways of healing.

Seek His guidance and listen to the song here:


Josh Turner

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