July 18

Josh Turner Gives Justice to a Legendary Song “One Woman Man”

Josh Turner

Undeniably, Josh Turner’s voice can make a song so soothing to the ears. Perhaps, it’s due to his smooth, deep-toned voice. Also, he has a soul for the old country sound which makes it more appealing. One of the songs he has patched his voice in is “One Woman Man.” It might not be his original, but he gave justice to the song. Indeed, Josh is one of the new yet best country singers of this generation.

One Woman Man…

Johnny Horton and Tillman Franks wrote the words and lyrics of “One Woman Man.” Initially, the song was recorded by Horton in 1956 entitled “I’m A One Woman Man.” It placed at number seven on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Then, George Jones recorded and released the song twice. First, it was part of his album “The Crown Prince of Country Music” entitled “One Woman Man” in 1960. Second, he re-released the song for the title “I’m A One Woman Man” under his album of the same name in 1988. His second release placed at number five on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.  The song was his last top charting single on the country charts.

Josh Turner…

Josh Turner

Josh Turner first appeared at the Grand Ole Opry. He performed “Long Black Train” which gave him façade to penetrate the country music scheme. Also, it was the reason for his prominence. The song also became his breakthrough single. It didn’t top the country charts, but he was recognized.

Josh Turner

Then, Turner released his single “Your Man.” It received a massive response from the mass. It became his very first number single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Turner is a breath of fresh air yet an old soul. He’s one of the few artists who embrace the real roots of country music.

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