July 26

The Explicit Revival Of Josh Turner To Don Williams’ “I Wouldn’t Be A Man”

Josh Turner

Josh Turner is the rising star in the country music scene. His thick, smooth voice has penetrated the country music enthusiasts as well. From his honky-tonk temperament to some of his mellow ballads, indeed, Josh is the new yet real country artist to look forward to.

On the other hand, Don Williams the “Gentle Giant” of Country Music. His smooth bass-baritone voice, soft tones, and imposing physique earned him the nickname. Through his songs, we can be touched and be moved by his choice of music. Indeed, Don Williams is a distinct country legend among others.

Don Williams

The modern and the legend have something in common. Josh Turner has been re-recording some of Don Williams’ songs. He first recorded the “Gentle Giant’s” “Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy.” Second, he re-released the song “I Wouldn’t Be A Man.” With this, let’s all listen to the renditions of Josh Turner and Don Williams.

Josh Turner…

His rendition of “I Wouldn’t Be A Man” was his third single from his album “Haywire.” It was released in 2010. Some criticized the song, but some has appreciated the uprightness that Josh Turner outpoured in the song. Unfortunately, the song only placed at number eighteen on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Don Williams…

Moreover, the version of Don Williams was part of his album “Traces” which was released in 1987. Don Williams placed the song at number nine on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

I Wouldn’t Be A Man…

Mike Reid and Rory Michael Bourke wrote the words and lyrics of “I Wouldn’t Be A Man.” As mentioned above, the song was initially released by Don Williams. Then, Josh Turner re-recorded his version in 2010. Also, Billy Dean made her cover in 1996. It placed at number thirty-two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

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