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Josh Turner’s “I Saw the Light Today:” How God Made Our Life Beautiful

Josh Turner’s Life

Josh Turner I Saw the Light Today
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Josh Otis Turner is one of country music’s hottest stars being a singer and actor. Religion marked a big role in Turner’s life. At his early age, he would sing lead and bass parts in the choir. He grew up in church and was part of a gospel quartet called Thankful Hearts. According to him, God doesn’t want him to be a gospel singer perhaps God wants him to be a Christian singer so that made him Christian.

In 1996, Turner suffered a lesion on his right vocal chord, luckily surgery is not needed. Further, doctors only advised him to rest his voice for a year. During Turner’s healing, he learned some technique in singing and how to take care of his voice to avoid further problems.

He moved to Nashville to pursue his music and went to Belmont University. In 2001,  he finished his college and his career boost wherein he performs his first song “Long Back Train” in Grand Ole Opry. He catches the heart of his listeners and gave him a standing ovation.

Josh Turner: “I Saw the Light Today”

I Saw the Light Today” is originally written by Hank Williams. This song was released in September 1948. Hank Williams was the one who recorded the song first. Moreover, his version didn’t make it to the top but then it became known because he always played this song on his live shows.

Josh Turner covered this song in 2018 with his album “I Serve a Savior.” Turner was a huge fan of William.

I wandered so aimless life filled with sin
I wouldn’t let my dear Savior in
Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night
Praise the Lord, I saw the light

Turner shares that while working on this song, he sees that God opened the door for opportunity. He chose this song because according to him, as he hears the lyric of the song, it gives him chills. The song tells us that no matter how dark our path is, God will always be the source of light.

Turner would like us to realize that there is always a way if you trust God in all aspects. Don’t be afraid if you’re with Him because he is the most powerful living God.

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Josh Turner

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