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Josh Turner Sounds Like the Good Old Days in “Everything is Fine”

Josh Turner Sounds Like the Good Old Days in “Everything is Fine” 1
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“Everything is Fine” is one of the well-crafted singles of Josh Turner. The melody and the lyrics merely reflect the sound of country music back in the days. The song is also more vibrant to the ears with the thick and smooth voice of the new-era of Honky-tonk Josh Turner.

Nowadays, country music obsessives like us are missing the memoirs of how good country music was back then. We miss the sounds of the legends such as Johnny Cash, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Don Williams, and others. But, there are a few who could bring that music back just like Josh Turner. He’s one of the few artists with a fantastic voice and a passion for the real country music. He’s not just a gifted singer but also a brilliant songwriter.

Everything is Fine…

In this generation, country music has been mixed with mainstream or pop country. Nevertheless, “Everything is Fine” retained the sound of the real country sound. With this, the song has received excellent reviews from the country music critics.

On the other hand, Josh Turner himself wrote the words and lyrics of “Everything is Fine.” The song was released in August 2008 and was part of his album of the same name. The song has reached at number twenty on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Besides the song “Everything is Fine,” the album also includes the top charting singles “Firecracker” and “One Woman Man.”

Josh Turner Sounds Like the Good Old Days in “Everything is Fine” 2

Yes, Josh Turner is the new generation of country music. However, he holds the roots of real country. He produces and releases singles that retains the good old days.

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