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I’ll Hang on for Dear Life, If Love ever Gives Me “Another Try”

Have you ever wished to undo things you did in the past? I believe your answer must be yes. Just like everybody else, we made decisions that would later cause regrets. Because of our compromises, we lose someone or something that has become valuable to us.

Another Try

Josh Turner
Josh Turner / Youtube

Josh Turner turns his melancholy of taking things for granted in his song, “Another Try.” The track was the second single off his third album Everything is Fine, released in 2008. Through the inventive writing of country superstar Chris Stapleton and Jeremy Spillman, the feeling of a man contemplating on his unwise decisions was excellently put into a tune.

The story is told from one point of view, but Trisha Yearwood’s backing vocal compliments Turner’s strong voice. Yearwood’s harmonies added to the sorrow and pain being relayed. Garth Brook’s wife admitted she is picky in choosing songs to record. She held a philosophy that anything she records should be something she can still be proud of after 10 years or more. Claiming to be a Josh Turner fan, she immediately listened to the demo tape and was satisfied with her expectation.

Lesson Learned…

The reasons I’m alone, I know by heart.
But I don’t wanna spend forever in the dark.
I swear next time I’ll hang on for dear life.
If love ever gives me another try.

The narrator takes full responsibility for the demise of his past relationship. Maybe it was because of his personality or some other reasons, but he was aware that the root cause for the failure was him. He has been too silent and he wasn’t there when the girl needed him. Now, he regrets that he did not fight for the relationship and time was coming to an end.

After all his realizations, the man swears to be better if love gives him “another try.” The use of darkness symbolizes being alone and lonely, and he doesn’t want to be stuck in there forever. What makes the song even bluer is the blurry assurance of another chance to come for him.


On the other hand, the plot of the music video, which was filmed in Franklin Tennessee, explains to us that we cannot change the past. All we can do is to avoid making the same mistake again. We have to value every chance that opens and make sure not to blow it again.

For the record, “Another Try” won the ACM’s Vocal Event of the Year Award for 2008. The highest spot it reached on the chart was at number 15 on US Hot Country Songs.

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Another Try, Everything is Fine, Josh Turner

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