August 24

Josh Groban Reminds us of our Departed Loved Ones in “To Where You Are”

Josh Groban Reminds us of our Departed Loved Ones in “To Where You Are” 1

“To Where You Are” by Josh Groban is one of the songs or hymns that can genuinely make our eyes water. It could bring back the memories of the ones we once embraced, loved, and cared for. Nevertheless, the loved ones who departed and left us still live in our hearts and minds. They will never be erased nor vanished.

It’s sad seeing our loved ones going. Undeniably, it is one of the worst experiences and the saddest feeling we could undergo. Nevertheless, it all happens to us and it will happen to everyone. But at the end of our journey, God will be there and He will embrace us. He will bring us to a place where we could be happier and where we could guide the ones we love.

To Where You Are…

The song was crafted with heart and passion. There is an emotion in every line, intertwined with a heartfelt melody and a voice of an angel.

Moreover, Richard Marx and Linda Thompson pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “To Where You Are.” Then, Josh Groban outpoured his sentiment recording the song. With his voice and rendition, it’s one of the best songs to remember our departed loved ones by.

Josh Groban Reminds us of our Departed Loved Ones in “To Where You Are” 2

Above all, we should be thankful to God for the life He has given us. As we live, we should do things according to His plan and according to what He would like us to do. God gave us life as an obligation. We all have responsibilities to do as we live and we must do our parts. Simple things like helping each other and loving every person around us. Also, respect should come first as we mingle with different individuals because, at the end of the day, loving, caring, and peace is what God would like to prevail.

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Josh Groban, To Where You Are, You Raise Me Up

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