September 18

A Josh Groban’s Eloquent Prayer Song, “Bring Him Home”

A Josh Groban’s Eloquent Prayer Song, “Bring Him Home” 1
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Josh Groban always gives us the feels whenever he sings his songs, especially his Christian songs. His deep angelic voice can truly touch our hearts and souls. He can even make our eyes water. Perhaps, when he sings, it comes from the heart. He gives sincerity to each of his songs. “Bring Him Home” is one of those songs that can carry us away. The words and lyrics, as well as the harmony, can make us realize things. Also, it could make us say a little prayer.

“Bring Him Home” has the words and lyrics not directly depicting a prayer. Nevertheless, it gives us a picture of connecting with God by saying a prayer. Indeed, the words have it all. Josh Groban outpoured his emotion singing the song, too.

Bring Him Home…

Bernie Herms wrote the words and lyrics of “Bring Him Home.” Josh Groban released the song under his album “Stages.” On the other hand, the song was a soundtrack from the musical “Les Miserables.”

“Bring Him Home” is a reminder for people who tend to forget to connect with God. Also, the song can make us say our prayers, especially in our troubled times.

A Josh Groban’s Eloquent Prayer Song, “Bring Him Home” 2
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Above all, we should be thankful to God for the life He has given us. As we live, we should do things according to His plan and according to what He would like us to do. God gave us life as an obligation. We all have responsibilities to fulfill as we live and we must do our part. Simple things like helping each other and loving every person around us. Also, respect should come first as we mingle with different individuals because loving, caring, and peace is what God would like to prevail.

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