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Interpreted by Josh Groban: “Ave Maria,” the Traditional Catholic Prayer

Interpreted by Josh Groban: “Ave Maria,” the Traditional Catholic Prayer 1

For Catholics, “Ave Maria” is widely known. It is the Latin translation for “Hail Mary.” Aside from that, “Hail Mary” is the traditional Catholic prayer. It is a prayer that will always be a part of the Catholic Culture. Also, the prayer asking for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. It is common in Catholicism; the prayer forms the basis of Rosary and Angelus prayers. Listen to the modern version of Josh Groban.

“Ave Maria” is now being voiced and interpreted by various artists. Andrea Bocelli patched his voice in one version but one of the best and most touching renditions is from Josh Groban. Let’s all listen to his soulful cover of the “Hail Mary” or “Ave Maria.”

Ave Maria…

Franz Schubert composed the words and lyrics in 1825. It is one of the seven songs from the poem “The Lady of the Lake.” It was first translated into German. The song is one of the most popular works of Franz Schubert.  The original composition was different from what we know today as “Ave Maria.” Moreover, various singers interpreted the song under the same name “Ave Maria.” Franz Liszt arranged the arrangement under the said title in three piano versions.

Franz Schubert/

The Lady of the Lake and Ave Maria…

In the poem, Ellen Douglas, The Lady of the Lake, went with her exiled father to stay in Goblin’s cave. They declined to join their host Roderick Dhu. Roderick went on to search for them along with his warriors. Along the way, the troupe and Roderick heard a distant sound of Ellen singing a prayer addressed to the Virgin Mary, calling for help.

Ave Maria/

Moreover, it has led that Ellen’s song refers to “Ave Maria.” Now, it’s Franz Schubert melody as a setting of the traditional Catholic prayer.

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Ave Maria, Josh Groban, You Raise Me Up

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