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This George Jones’ Favorite Song Was Mickey Gilley’s No. 1

This George Jones' Favorite Song Was Mickey Gilley's No. 1 1
George Jones (L), Mickey Gilley (R) | Photo credits: discogs.com, ultratop.be

When the 1960’s commenced, George Jones crafted what he would later consider his greatest composition. “The Window Up Above” which he wrote in about twenty minutes directed a new phase in Jones career as a vocalist. While he remained a honky-tonk country singer, he’s able to modify his phrasing making it more subtle yet complex at the same time. And, that vocal style emerged to be his own. His emotive delivery of his penned-tune “The Window Up Above,” brought the song almost atop the chart. It peaked at No. 2 on the country chart in 1960.

Watch George Jones below performing his original song.

Mickey Gilley’s Version

Fifteen years later, a fellow country music singer elevated the success of Jones’ composition. Mickey Gilleywho has scored three No. 1 songs, recorded a cover of “The Window Up Above” in 1975.  His version was a smash hit becoming his fourth top country song that same year.

Listen to Mickey Gilley’s version of the song.

The Complicated Song

While Jones was waiting for his breakfast to be served, he wasted no time. Sitting down in the den, he picked up his guitar and in no time composed a song. Basically, “The Window Up Above” focused on the theme of adultery. But according to Jones, the song added a dark and morbid twist to the typical country music “cheating” song. As such, the text is loaded with negative vibes. There were feelings of jealousy, anger, incessant insecurity, and uncertainties. And that window up above proves all of those as the narrator watched his partner cheating on him through it.

I’ve been living a new way of life that I love so

But I can see the clouds are gathering and the storm will wreck our home

For last night he held you tightly and you didn’t even shove

This is true because I was watching from the window up above

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