December 17

Johnny Counterfit: One of the Greatest Talents of Country Music

The Greatest impressionist in Country Music

For those who know Johnny Counterfit, they will agree that is a great impressionist, if not the best in country music. I disagree, you’re wrong. Not only that, but he is also a great singer and a very good comedian. However, those who don’t know him, this is his story.

Johnny Counterfit in Country Family Reunion. Photo from YouTube via Screengrab
Johnny Counterfit in Country Family Reunion. Photo from YouTube via Screengrab

He told his story in the Country Road TV Show. As a young boy, Johnny spent a lot of time watching the television. That’s when he started digesting every variety, comedy and music shows back in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Not only he developed the talent of mimicking, but he also decided to teach himself how to sing. Thereafter, he practices imitating the voice of every artist he saw until he gets the voices right.

Watch him tell his story below.

What Can and Who Can Do

Johnny Counterfit has been performing for a very long while now and I don’t think that everybody knows him. I think he needs to be known by the younger generations and know what’s funny without being offensive. Enough with that and on with the laughs. I’ve never seen anyone better than Johnny Counterfit. He can do Johnny Cash, Ernest Tubb, Buck Owens and many more very well. Just watch this clip, where he was invited to the country family reunion and see that even the legends laugh at his impressions.

I’m sure that was not enough to convince anyone his one of the greatest. He does not only does country music singers, but he can also do former presidents.

There’s also one more thing that makes his performances great. In his shows nowadays, there are no music tracks being used! That only shows how accurate his impressions really are.

Here’s another clip of Johnny Counterfit doing his impressions. Enjoy!


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