Johnny Cash covered one of those Christian hymns with a specific kind of story or message, and it is one of the best performances out there.

Johnny Cash and Gospel Music

Johnny Cash is no stranger to singing Christian hymns or gospel music. In fact, doing performances of these gospel songs helped his career grow especially among country music fans who are mostly composed of God-fearing and loving Christians.

It is definitely a blessing to us that the great Johnny Cash lent his deep smooth voice to these wonderful and inspiring songs, helping spread the message of God and His love to an even wider audience. Truly, we are blessed for this fact and Johnny Cash is blessed for doing all this to praise the Lord.

The Hymn “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder”

The hymn, “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder” was written way back in 1893 by James Milton Black. The whole hymn’s message was inspired by the Book of Life, a book where God places the names of those who are allowed entry into heaven (here’s hoping mine is on there).

James Milton Black was haunted by the idea that some people may not have their name written there and therefore not being able to be near God. He wrote the lyrics to the hymn after visiting a sick child’s home and calling a doctor to attend to her.

He wrote the hymn’s lyrics after arriving home and not finding any hymns on this topic.

The Message of the Hymn

Not being able to enter heaven or not having our names on the Book of Life is perhaps one of the scariest thoughts we have as Christians. We sometimes doubt whether we can even enter especially when we think back on things we have done.

who serves whom, the enemy, our sins and failures, the free believer, Johnny Cash

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However, do not fret, as we have always known, Jesus came down to save us. We, in turn, need to believe in Him and repent for all the sins we have committed. Jesus isn’t a “get out of jail” card, He is more of our inside man that ensures our names are written on the book.

In return for what He has done for us, we have to remain holy, repent, and keep believing.

Take A Listen to His Performance of “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder”