July 26

Judge for Yourself: This Vince Mira dude Resurrects Johnny Cash, Comparison Ensues

Meet Vince Mira

He was discovered on a street in Seattle performing for spare change. In 2007, the talented 15-year-old was given a chance to be in the spotlight of Good Morning America and other TV shows.

Host Robin Roberts introduced him as possibly the vocal twin of country icon Johnny Cash.  His deep vocals and familiar talent definitely caught the viewers’ attention who reeled him questions.

When he was asked about the undeniable vocal resemblance, he admitted,

“I never sounded like this. I never had a deep voice until I moved to Washington. That’s when “the change” happened.”

He also talked about how much he loved the movie ‘Walk the Line.” It is an autobiographical movie of Johnny Cash. He said that he would sing along to Joaquin Phoenix (Cash’s portrayer). It was then that he soon got to be aware of his deep vocal range, then using it as a rare gift to his musical advantage.

A fiery performance of “Ring of Fire”

 “Love is a burning thing/ And it makes a fiery ring./ Bound by wild desire/ I fell into a ring of fire,” he boldly sang.

The audience surely loved his performance after showing off the talent he has beyond his years. In the last few verses of the song, the onlookers gave a loud applause. Everyone admired how skillful he was and what bright future he had ahead of him.

Check out his performance here.


I tried to find some more news about this young lad but the last I saw of him was on YouTube in the same year. He performed other songs of Johnny Cash like the hit song “Folsom Rhythm Blues” and “I Walk the Line.” He also did covers of Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley. He even had a chance to record an original song. People even started calling him Juanny Cash. What do you think?

Watch it here.


I really wonder what happened to this incredible talent… Where is he now?



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