November 20

Listen: Johnny Cash’s Gut-Wrenching Plea in “Spiritual”

Johnny Cash’s life story is the perfect paradigm to illustrate what would truly matter once you reach the final lap of your timeline. Coming from a man who once possessed everything that this world had to offer, “Spiritual” gives us a peek into the vulnerability of a person when he is at the doorpost of death. No fretting over lost wealth, health, and people. There was only that keen awareness that he needed Jesus more than anything else.

Hence, his words stating that he does not want to die alone. But instead of seeking the presence of family and friends, he opted for Jesus’ companionship in his last moments. Nothing is more important than that. Indeed, no amount of earthly loss could compare or surpass losing Jesus. To die without him by your side could make one feel the loneliest creature who ever lived. As the verse in Matthew 16:26 stated, there is no benefit in gaining everything when in exchange, you will lose your soul. And our souls could only be safe in the hands of our Lord.

Furthermore, “Spiritual” portrays a man humbled and tempered by his faith and experiences of Jesus. There is that acknowledgment of sins committed and of admitting that Jesus is all he has. He had been with Johnny even before he acknowledged his presence. Thankfully, Johnny did not ignore Jesus’ dealing with him; he responded by rededicating his life to his creator. That gave him several years to apply the bible teachings he had been learning with his beloved wife, June.  Now that his end is fast approaching, there is the assurance that with Jesus, pain and troubles could no longer have a hold on him. His soul is free to fly in God’s embrace and will be comforted.

Rest well in Jesus’ bosom Mr. ‘Man in Black.’


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