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The Meaning of Johnny Cash’s Song “Seasons of My Heart.”

johnny cash seasons of my heart

The seasons we have in every year can always be associated with the love that we are going through in life. Like in the song covered by Johnny Cash, “Seasons of My Heart,” each season has meaning that is particular to whatever the narrator of the song is going through in his relationship. The song can be easily understood because every one of us has experienced this feeling in a relationship. It is a genuinely honest song that you will keep on listening to. However, Johnny Cash was not the first one to record the song.

George Jones’ Version

The song “Seasons of My Heart” was written by George Jones and Darrell Edwards in 1955. It was included in Jones album Grand Ole Opry’s New Star. Jones’ version of the song may not have reached the Billboard charts but many considered this to be one of his best ballads.

Johnny Cash Version

Johnny Cash decided to make a version of this song in 1960. His version was fortunate to enter the Billboard chart. “Seasons of My Heart” peaked at No. 10 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 1960. Furthermore, the song spent a total of 15 weeks on the chart. Cash included the song as the first track on his ninth studio album, Now, There Was a Song!

Other Versions

Other country artists that made a version of this song were Jerry Lee Lewis in 1963 and Willie Nelson in 1966.

About the Song

It’s a short song that mentioned the different seasons and how each season represents the narrator’s situation in his relationship. Like every relationship, there are good times and bad times, which he referred to the sunshine, rain, and snow.

The seasons come the seasons go we get a little sunshine rain and snow 

He used the autumn season to represent his feeling of sadness when his lover will leave him.

Your leaving will bring autumn sorrow and my tears like withered leaves will fall 

He used Spring to signify the happy part of their relationship because spring is the start of something new. It’s when everything is warm and blooming.

But spring could bring some glad tomorrow and darling we could be happy after all

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