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Johnny Cash’s “I still Miss Someone”: I See Her Everywhere

johnny cash i still miss someone

Do you miss someone right now? Do you know where they are at this very moment? Letting go of someone when they leave you hurts a lot. However, the worst part is missing them. The constant feeling that’s crushing your heart, wondering where they are. Or, thinking if they still miss you and if they want to see you again. Everybody went through that and will always go through that feeling, and it’s okay.

The Song and Songwriters

“I Still Miss Someone,” a classic country song written by Johnny Cash himself and Roy Cash, Jr., in 1958. The song was part of his album, The Fabulous Johnny Cash. Cash performed the song many times live.

“I Still Miss Someone” Versions

The song was covered by various artists. Flatt & Scruggs version of the song peaked at No. 43 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs, in 1965. The song remained in its positions for 10 weeks. Another version of the song was that of Emmylou Harris. She made the song peaked at No. 51 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs for 6 weeks, in 1989. Martina McBride and Dolly Parton have a duet of this song, but it only peaked at No. 50 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs, in 2006. There are still many versions of this song recorded or sang by some artists, like Joan Baez and Brenda Lee in 1964, Willie Nelson in 2012 and Rosanne Cash in 2002.

The Song’s Content

Some songs we do understand when we are experiencing whatever the narrator of the song feels. We can easily feel the pain or the happiness. It usually depends on our situation. So, if someone walked out of your life and left you alone right now, you will definitely feel like this song’s meant for you.

The narrator’s woman left him, for whatever the reason may be, and all he could feel is missing every single thing about her. Wherever he goes or whatever he does, he remembers her. He missed the way she looks and the time they spend together. Getting over someone is really a difficult task because everything around reminds you of that person. The narrator knows that he will find someone someday, and he will definitely. Yet for now, all he can feel is the pain of missing her, every single bit.


i still miss someone, Johnny Cash

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